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"Control the World With Just a Vibration"

Hot Trail Mix is playing the Pre-party for the App State Fiddlers Convention in Boone, NC ... Kickoff at 9pm

Highland Brewing

Hot Trail Mix will be performing at Highland Brewing in Asheville, NC starting things off in the tasting room at 7pm

dad and mason

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Mason Via

March 6: Isis Music Hall, Asheville, NC, 7:30pm (HTM)​

March 10: Cork & Keg, Asheville, NC, 7pm (RS&tJ)

​March 13: The Front Porch, Charlottesville, VA (RS&tJ)

March 14: Foothills Brewery, Winston Salem, NC (RS&tJ)

March 16: The Willow Tree, Johnson City, TN  (HTM)

March 17: Ransom, Boone NC (HTM)

March 17: Bonefire Smokehouse, Abingdon, VA, (HTM)

​April 6: Ransom, Boone, NC 10pm (HTM)

April 7: Feed & Seed, Fletcher, NC (WWCBGB)

April 14: Fiddling Fish, Winston Salem, NC, (HTM)

April 15: Little Brother Brewing, Greensboro, NC (HTM)

​April 20: Bonefire Smokehouse, Abingdon, Va (HTM)

​April 21: Green Heron Alehouse, Danbury, NC (HTM)

​April 24: Isis Music Hall, Asheville, NC (HTM)

May 11: Stateline, Bristol, TN​​  (SOLO)

May 19: Stokes Arts Center, Danbury, NC (HTM)

May 23: Foothills Brewery, Winston Salem NC (HTM)

May 25: Little Brother Brewing, Greensboro, NC (HTM)

​June 8: The Fish Bowl, Salisbury, NC (HTM)

​June 29: Parkway Brewing, Salem VA, (HTM)

June 30: Zimmerman Vineyards, Trinity, NC, (HTM)

July 4: Ransom, Boone, NC (HTM)

July 5: Martins,Roanoke, VA, (HTM)

July 7: Green Heron Alehouse, Danbury, NC (HTM)

​July 8: Muddy Creek Music Hall, Bethania, NC (HTM)

July 12: Arts Center, Danbury NC, (SOLO)

July 13: Fiddling Fish, Winston Salem, NC (HTM)

July 25: Foothills Brewery, Winston Salem, NC (HTM)

​Sept 2: Happy Valley Fiddlers Convention (HTM)

Sept 7: Music On Main, Sparta, NC (HTM)

Sept 8: Green Heron Alehouse, Danbury, NC, (HTM)

Sept 8, 9: Stokes Stomp, Danbury, NC, (HTM)